Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Dear Husband

I went to Charleston, SC on Monday to visit my daughter. We had a very good time in downtown Charleston. We eat at a local fish house. Well on Tuesday evening I got a
call from my sisterinlaw. She says,we have Ralph (my husband ) in the ER,he was brought in by ambulance. He was bee stung and had a allergic reaction.He tryed to drive to the ER but his throat closed up and eyes swelled together. So he called 911 from his truck. They came and tryed to walk him to the ambulance. He passed out in the door of the ambulance. So I drove back home. He was home when I got back. Must take a epi pen at all times. So scary!!! Thank the good lord he is still with me. Pray for him my friends!!!


  1. oh my gosh,
    You are in prayers,
    So glad he didnt have a accident,

  2. Oh my! My daughter is like that. She can literally flatline in a matter of minutes. She does carry the epi pen always. Allergic reactions are so frightening! So glad he will be okay! You take care too!!! Thoughts, prayers, and hugs!!!